Our Story

Infiniti Group is an Australian owned and operated wholesale group supporting small, medium and large scale businesses. Beginning over 30 years ago as a local, family-owned business, we have built our experience from the ground up. We have learned that listening to Our customers and honouring Our commitments have been the essential principles behind the growth of Our own business, enabling us to become the successful company we are today.

Our hard-working, dedicated team are focused on delivering industry-beating service standards.  We know this gives You the ability to deliver the highest service standards to Your customers too.

We specialise in the supply of extensive ranges of food, packaging, chemical, washroom, industrial, hospitality, kitchenware and environmental products, uniquely developed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries such as bakery, restaurant, butcher, fast food, supermarket, hotel, office, sporting & fitness club, commercial cleaning, government, healthcare, school, childcare, aged care, mining, construction and retail. We know that more choice for You, means more choice for Your customers too.

Our national buying power enables us to offer highly competitive pricing across Our wide range of products, while still delivering the local, personalised service that You expect and deserve. We know that providing the most competitive pricing to You, enables You to add greater value for Your customers too.